Favourite Excel File Templates

I have a number of excel spreadsheets which I have developed and use both at home, and professionally, that I have found to be very useful and short cutting some of life’s little obstacles.  I would like to share them with you here in case you also may find them of use…

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Funky Desktop Wallpapers

Here is a couple of desktop wallpapers you can use that I created…  (they are suited for a screen which has the following resolution 1920 x 1200)

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Communications Board – DOWNLOAD

Summary This is a two page communication board that is designed to allow someone who is unable to talk the ability to communicate their basic needs.  You can download the board in PDF format, print it out and laminate it and it will work a treat ! The only reward I ask for is an …

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Daniel and William’s Story

Please watch the video what Daniel and William have achieved in relation to the orangutans… Watch it right to the end and if you are not inspired, you are not human !!  :-) Powered by Cincopa Video Hosting.

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A Cure for Cerebral Palsy

Please see this story for which I posted on my Hey Dad Blog for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance…  It has generated a significant amount of hits from all around the globe: http://cpblogs.org.au/heydad/2011/07/21/a-cure-for-cerebral-palsy/  

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