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NBCS Rallies to support Daniel

Northern Beaches Christian School

In our plight to fund a teachers aide for Daniel while he attends Northern Beaches Christian School we have worked diligently with the school community and the government to develop a solution for Daniel that will see a teachers aide fully funded.

The entire school community, from the executive, to the staff and parents (right down to the children) have been a pillar of support to Daniel, Penny and I  – for which we express our most heartfelt thank you.

The target is to raise $30,000 every year to pay for a teachers aide so that Daniel can attend NBCS.

The school was ingenious at implementing ways in which to raise money… they implemented a ‘Coins for Caring’ program asking parents as they drove into the school if they had any spare coins.Coins for Caring - NBCS They also sent letters home to the parents asking if they would like to donate additional funds over the course of the remaining terms to make up the difference (and they had many parents take up this option).  The school also received various donations from parents and had some children at the school giving up money earned from part time jobs over the school holiday to help keep Daniel at NBCS.

On the 1st May, 2010, the President of the Parents & Friends, Mr David Austin and his lovely wife Jenny, held a fund raising event at their home in order to raise the remaining funds for the teachers aide and this is where we were totally surprised…  The night raised a total of $23,000 which means the teachers aide is fully funded for 2010 !

Thank you

The journey so far has been just Penny and I fighting a battle alone.

Since being at NBCS we have been overwhelmed with the support we have received by the entire school community.  Although there is still more that needs to be resolved with the governments and their funding of children with a disability in non-government schools we now know we have a huge wave of support going forward.

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