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Rodney at the Olympics

After donning my first pair of skates at the age of 18 months and after many years of hanging around the ice rink doing nothing but being a larrikin and playing the pinball machines, I had the good fortune to meet an amazing girl  (Monica MacDonald) at the age of nine (I think that’s how old we were) and for whom I skated with for 12 years and went on to win five state and five national titles, represented Australia at five World Figure Skating Championships (4 senior and 1 junior) and be the first couple to represent Australia, in the sport of Ice Dancing, at the 1988 Winter Olympics, Calgary, Canada.

Below are five videos which comprise the five main components of the Olympic competition in 1988…   enjoy!!

Compulsory Dance – The Kilian

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Compulsory Dance – Viennese Waltz

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Compulsory Dance – Paso Doble

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Original Set Pattern Dance – Tango

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Free Dance

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Opening Ceremony

3 minutes and 17 seconds into YouTube’s opening ceremony coverage of the 1988 Winter Olympics you see the Australian Team walk into the stadium.

I am right at the front on the right hand side!!



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