Power Wheelchair

We are looking to pass on Daniel’s power wheelchair to someone who could use it.

I have just listed it on eBay so you can see it HERE…

What is on offer:

  1. Glide Series 8 Power Wheelchair (Includes tilt function)
    1. Brand new batteries (Nov 2018)
    2. Wheelchair instruction manual
    3. Charger  and power cord for wheelchair
  2. Heavy duty portable ramps
    1. Clips that allow the ramps to become one big ramp


Some points to note:

  1. This wheelchair was considered top of the range when Daniel received it in 2010 (it was priced at $22,000)
  2. It has a range of approximately 30kms on a single charge
  3. We just replaced the batteries with brand new ones (2nd November) so its ready to go.
  4. It has barely been used as Daniel preferred his manual wheelchair and has not used this chair for 4 years (hence why the batteries required replacing).
  5. The chair also has an electronic tilt allowing the user to recline backwards (see photos)
  6. It also comes with ramps to get it in and out of the car (we do not want to separate the ramps from the wheelchair at this point).  Each ramp is 70cm wide and 1.8m long
  7. It comes with its own charger and documentation that originally came with the wheelchair (pictured)
  8. It is based in Frenchs Forest, NSW (Sydney Northern Beaches) and we would prefer for you to come and collect it.


If you are interested in this chair please call Rodney Clarke on 0414 444 376 or email rodney@theclarkefamily.com.au




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