William’s Music Video

At the end of Year 6 2010 William had a dream to give himself and his classmates an enduring memory of their years together at Primary School.  He shared his project with his friends and they all banded together to create a music video with the amazing and kind assistance of our friend Glenn Bidmead …

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Teachers Aide Funding – We have a result!!

After almost four years of doggedly pursuing the government to fund a teachers aide for Daniel we are pleased to say that this week we were advised a solution had been found. Finally after four years there was enough pressure for the government to actually investigate our situation in great detail and realise the uniqueness …

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Sydney 2000 Olympics Anniversary Dinner

We had a blast celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Sydney Olympic Opening Ceremony with some (old) friends – sorry guys but I put myself into that same bracket!! (Rodney) Please see some photos that were taken of the night. [cincopa 10757739]

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History of our pursuit for Teachers Aide Funding through Australian Politics

When we set out to find a solution to this fundamental level of discrimination back in early 2007 we had no idea it would take this long and encounter so many people.  In essence we have either met with or received letters from Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, Bill Shorten, Parliamentary Secretary and Minister for disability services,Verity Firth, …

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When the Prime Minister came to visit…

In November 2007 the Australian Prime Minister, Hon. John Howard, came to visit Daniel Clarke at his home in Terrey Hills, NSW.  After meeting them he then recorded the following YouTube message… [cincopa AEAAp2Kjgdsg]

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