Favourite Excel File Templates

Excel Templates

I have a number of excel spreadsheets which I have developed and use both at home, and professionally, that I have found to be very useful and short cutting some of life’s little obstacles.  I would like to share them with you here in case you also may find them of use…

Personal Favourites

Some of my personal favourites have to do with keeping track of scores in different games that I use with the kids…

Scrabble Score Tracker

The Scrabble Score Tracker keeps track of the score for up to 6 people playing Scrabble.  It provides immediate analysis and graphing of the score progress including average points per score per player, player ranking (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) as well as the reconciliation of scores at the end of the game;

Scrabble Score Tracker 20130126

Yahtzee Score Tracker

The Yahtzee Score Tracker tracks up to four players and includes the automatic inclusion of the 35 point bonus should you achieve 64 points or above in the top section.  It also provides a running tally of who is in the lead and provides ranking of the players (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.).

Yahtzee Calculator 20130118 v01

Professional Favourites

RAID Log  (Risk, Actions, Issues & Decisions)

This is a great substitute for taking minutes in meetings… make sure your discussion always results in either a Risk, Action, Issue or Decision…

As a professional Project Manager (since 1996) keeping track of key risks, issues, actions and decisions on a project can be a complex task particularly if you have to use the data contained within these key measures to report to steering boards/committees on the progress and health of a project.  Accurate tracking and communications of these key components is vital to the healthy management of a project.  The RAID Log that I have developed provides  flexibility of categorising the tracking,  graphing and ranking of these key elements to bring the appropriate level of attention to the project in advance: