Georges Hall Public School Goes Orange!!

Daniel and William were invited to be guest speakers at Georges Hall Public school today where they were greeted with open arms by 800 children who had spent the week learning about endangered species with a focus on the orangutan.  It was amazing to see how well these children as young as 5 and 6 understood the meaning of the words ‘endangered’ and ‘extinct’.

They got it… they understood what was happening !!  It was heart warming to know that our next generation are going to be that more informed about their impact to our environment than we were.

The day was organised by class 5/6L and was a huge success.  While we are waiting to hear the final numbers I am lead to believe that the school has been successful in raising enough money to adopt around 10 orangutans for the school.

The school has embraced the Australian Orangutan Project’s Education Program “Colour it Orange” which was inspired by Daniel’s wish to educate all children around Australia about the plight of the orangutan.   Now with William by his side the two often receive invitations to speak at schools to talk about orangutans and their own experiences with them from when they trekked through the jungles of Borneo with their family in 2008.