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Georges Hall Public School Goes Orange!!

Daniel and William were invited to be guest speakers at Georges Hall Public school today where they were greeted with open arms by 800 children who had spent the week learning about endangered species with a focus on the orangutan.  It was amazing to see how well these children as young as 5 and 6 …

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An Evening with Jane Goodall

Dr Jane Goodall was speaking at the Sydney Town Hall on Monday 20th June, 2011 and, with much enthusiasm, we went along to see her talk about celebrating 50 years studying the chimpanzee in Gombe, Africa. Her spirit and passion for life is truly infectious.  Her study of chimpanzee behaviour, which is raw and ‘untainted’ …

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William’s Music Video

At the end of Year 6 2010 William had a dream to give himself and his classmates an enduring memory of their years together at Primary School.  He shared his project with his friends and they all banded together to create a music video with the amazing and kind assistance of our friend Glenn Bidmead …

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