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Cheeky Monkeys Play House
Cheeky Monkeys Play House

EFFECTIVE websites !!

Making an effective website is more than just creating pages on the web, it’s the email addresses, the imagery, booking systems, financial portals, calendar creations, and making sure that Google, Yahoo and Bing (Search Engines) can allow your customers to find you !!

More importantly… your website is a reflection of you and your business.

Your customers experience with your website is a reflection of who you are, how you run your business, your attention to detail and their perception of the level of quality that is mirrored in your goods and services.

Making Your Website

Every aspect of making a website effective is what I love.    I have owned many businesses and therefore understand what is required to get your product or service noticed on the internet.  Also, as a registered IT Project Director with the Australian Institute of Project Managers and 30 years of experience in the IT industry I LOVE crafting WordPress websites to provide businesses with a smart and effective internet presence – you can call it a serious hobby !!

I only take on a select number of clients as I value providing excellent, personalised service.  I am not into providing a mass response but at the same time I am not cheap… you get what you pay for.

Some of the items that I cover when creating a website is…

  • Social Media integration  (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.)
  • Photography /imagery (Colour correction, deep etching, photo enhancement and effects)
  • Search Enging Optimisation (SEO – Make your website visible to the RIGHT people)
  • Google Adwords (Develop keywords that with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), people can find your site)
  • Google Analytics (Understanding your customer and aligning your site for greater strategic benefit)
  • Mobile device optomisation (iPads, Smartphone integration and management)
  • Domain Name management and email setup and redirection – Really smart way of using your emails!!
Tears In The Jungle Website
Tears In The Jungle

Have a look at some of my WordPress Website examples I have created for some organisations…

    1. Tears In The Jungle
    2. Cheeky Monkey’s Play House
    3. Glenn Bidmead (Singer / Songwriter / Music Producer)
    4. The Clarke Family (This Website)

I can make your website experience easy and do everything for you however that doesn’t let you off the hook.  The best person who knows your business is YOU.   It’s a matter of working with you to develop the content of what your website needs to look like.

In the meant time, give me a call to discuss what you would like to do with your website idea on 0414 444 376 or on rodney@theclarkefamily.com.au and I will discuss with you


Glenn Bidmead Website
Glenn Bidmead Website

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